domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

About: Thomas Roberts: GOP Candidates Want To Return To Time When 'Slavery Was Cool'

People are saying:

1) a) Cheering for people being killed, advocating letting someone die if they can't pay for medical attention, booing people in the armed forces, advocating doing away with social safety nets, eliminatin­g the minimum wage etc. There isn't enough room on these posts to include all the anti social ideology these candidates support and cater too from the far right extreme.
b) If it weren't that you actually believe this hyperbole, I would think you were joking. Sadly, you are not.

2) It angered me when I first heard about these things, but at this point I think I am just sad... it pains me to think that Americans truly feel this way about their fellow citizens, what has happened to our country, when did we become so mean to each other???

3) a) Thomas Roberts is no better than these people for what he said.
b) Difference is Roberts told the truth, the CON's have no idea what truth means!

4) startiling­ly­riously...­..these nuts go around making comments like mental patients and if you criticize them your startiling­ly harsh!!!!!­!!!!! wake up!!

5) a) We've all had enough of these bigots. This is the character and quality of Republican candidates in 2011. Not one of them deserves to be on that stage to represent the American people.
b) Actually Dems are the bigoted ones always denigratin­g people of faith and then calling out racism where there is none to stoke racial tensions for votes. If you want proof go to your hero Big Ed Shultz and see exactly how he cried racism when none was there.
If this is all you can fall back on Dems you are in big trouble this election.
c) How about some links to show how Dems are "always denigratin­g people of faith"?
And since you chose the word "always" I would expect to see multiple links, over a period of time, and referencin­g more than one person with a "D" after their name to verify your claim.

6) You don't understand­, it is not that these idiots are running, it is that a very substantia­l number of our fellow citizens cannot see how ludicrous they are and fervently support them. The intelligen­t Germans thought Hitler was a clown too. There is a real danger here...

7) I agree with him 100%. I applaud anyone in a position to be heard who actually uses it to tell it like it is. We have him, Morgan Freeman, Keith Olbermann, etc. Let's get some momentum and keep it going!

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